Further services for our clients . . .

Feasibility Studies

More complicated schemes might require a desktop feasibility study. This involves considering alternative versions of a scheme and examining these various scenarios and rehearsing the arguments for each one before preparing a report summarising the findings. This report forms the basis for further progress on the project.

Consultations and Negotiations

Unfortunately not all projects are straightforward, some might be in grey areas as regards the local development scheme or sub-scheme thereof, or they might be in a conservation area or, indeed, be for a listed building and in these, and similar, cases preliminary discussions, consultations and/or negotiations are advisable. This might be a simple as a chat with the relevant authority, but in most cases would require the preparation and submission of sketch proposals, plus fee, to the powers that be.

Project Management

The majority of our domestic clients relish the idea of project managing their own project - the finding and negotiating with contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers; the 'signing-off' of the workmanship; the taking-off of material quantities and the ordering of those materials, especially those with a lead time, to arrive on site when required - to reduce the overall cost of the project.
To those clients who are less willing or able to undertake this aspect of the project we are able to provide some or all of these services for them.
We can obtain prices for the various element which when combined with a programme of work will help the client with the management of the finances by generating a cash flow forecast.

Land and Building Surveys

Through an associated company we can provide Topographic Surveys of Development Sites, either for one building or a multi-property scheme, and also the preparation of Measured Building Surveys and 3D computer models of buildings. Please contact us for more details.

Civil Engineering Design

Again through an associated company, we can provide the design of roads, sewers and drainage for both domestic and industrial estate design and the piloting of the schemes through the various bodies to obtain approval and onward to adoption. Please contact us for more details.