How much will plans cost me?

This is one of the first questions that we are asked and our initial answer is "How long is a piece of string?", because without a full discussion of the requirements a full assessment of our fees cannot be made.

Rest assured, however, that we make no charge for our initial visit and discussions on the feasability and practicality of your requirements. Our initial visit is ALWAYS FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION.

There can be several components to our total fee charge:

The fee for the preparation of the Planning Application element; the possible fee for any feasibility studies or pre-application advice; the possible fee for preliminary scheme design; the fee for the preparation of the Building Regulations Application; the fee for the preparation of any further detailed construction drawings required.

Additional services such as Project Management and Contract Supervision will attract additional fees.

Because no two jobs are the same, our fees are related to the complexity of the project

However, we do have one 'fixed' fee and that is for a Householder Planning Application.
A Householder Planning Application is for the smaller, more straightforward domestic application - extensions, conservatories, loft conversions, dormer windows, alterations, garages, car ports or outbuildings, swimming pools, garden boundary walls and fences, vehicular access including footway crossovers, porches and satellite dishes.

Our fee for preparing and submitting this class of application is £550, excluding VAT.

The fee for the preparation of the Building Regulations Application drawings and documents - more detailed plans, sections, working details, specifications and the like - is related to the complexity and the time spent on their preparation. We are usually in a position to give an idea of the likely costs following the initial discussions and our further consideration of the work involved.
From experience, a the preparation of the Building Regulations Application for a typical domestic single storey extension of a couple of rooms would attract a further fee of £1000-£1250.

Larger projects are more expensive, but our fees do not, necessarily, increase pro-rata to the size just to the complexity.

Projects necessitating the preparation of major structural elements - beams over openings, piled foundations - will attract additional fees payable for the calculations. We will advise if any of these charges are likely at the outset of the project, but they are unlikely to be less the £600.

Projects in areas considered to be at risk of flooding, either from rivers or the sea, now and into the future, will, additionally, require a Flood Risk Assessment. The preparation of this flood risk would attract a fee af about £700.

All our fees are exclusive of VAT, which will be charged at the rate prevailing at the date of invoice. Our invoices will be charged for for each 'element' as it is completed.

Our fees are strictly nett for settlement within fourteen days

No project is too big or too small.

Please contact us to arrange an initial, no obligation site meeting.